I am having this error while executing this program

This is outdated version. Go to http://www.manager.io and install the latest version.


By any chance, did you install an older version of Manager and then try to start it? I saw the same error when I installed v6.1.12 and tried to open a data file that was last touched with v6.1.21. It appears that the data structure used by newer versions is not entirely backward-compatible.

My only solution to that error was to restore my old v6.1.12 data file from my backup. (You did make a backup before you installed the never version, right?)

Thanks for the response. I have also tried the latest version but getting same error, though it is not showing any dialog box for the error. When i click on icon it does not start and nothing happens, if click on “ManagerServer.exe” it displays this error. i have attached the picture

@Muhammad_Noraiz, the last error you have shown means there is some program on your computer which is conflicting with Manager.

This topic is about your specific error message: Manager is not working in the new version of Microsoft Windows 10