Odd Certain General Transaction Description Condition to display?

I’m apologize if my topic did not describe my issue that well.

What I’m doing is describe the invoice in details including the external invoice number to be include in description. Where Manager’s invoice number are set using auto numbered in sequence which I use as ‘system internal reference’. This is to allow auditor and myself get a quick check whether the support document are match of what I’m recorded in manager.

What Frustrated myself, is some of the general transaction report did not show any description that insert in the form and by line items for journal ( I presume?).

Is there anyway to made it shown in the report? for the missing description?

and its not limited to trade payables. Other Accounts also had the same issue, impartial.

I’m not clear whether I just need to type in description in the form itself (will be shown in listing at the tab modules) or by the line items (journal?) to made it shown in the report.

The difference may come from the fact that Purchase Invoice 7 has multiple line items, so the report picks up the Description summary field to emphasize the transaction is for the entire invoice. Notice it also includes GST. Purchase Invoice 4 has only one line item, and no tax, so emphasis is not needed.

I’m not sure exactly why the program was designed this way. You might also look at the other transactions to see how many line items they have, whether GST is applied, and whether either explanation holds up with them.

Seems both are multiple line and single line items nor change between gst applied or no tax applied. didn’t work.

Purchase Invoice 7 only has one line item + tax - description shown
Purchase Invoice 1 has two line items with no tax - no description shown
Purchase Invoice 4 has one line item with no tax - no description shown

So the number of line items doesn’t seem to be the issue, but the tax maybe.
Does Purchase Invoice 8 have a tax code as it also has a description shown ?

it does have gst 6% with single line item

if I remove tax item. it still shown the description in general transaction report. even I refresh the page. using manager server.
I’ve check invoice number 9 which has shown description in general transaction report, it was originally does not have any tax item with single line item. I think lubos need to clarify it.

Based on your 2nd report it appears that all debit entries have their descriptions shown.
Only credit entries dated the 1st seem to have missing descriptions, you could try changing a date.

Be aware, if you are amending an invoice and regenerating the same report, clicking view, then all the data may not necessarily be refreshed, so when amending an invoice’s data for testing, create a new report.


The purchase invoice was created before the year 2018, which is 5/12/2017, when I change it to 1/2/2018 it shown the description.

though weird enough The invoices before the year 2018 did not came as opening balance, instead it became 1/1/2018 entries. despite I create before the year 2017. Maybe it has something to do by the design lubos made. to balance it off with payment.

Thank you @Brucanna and @Tut.