Number Type Field Calculations

I want to add a custom Number Type field and name it “Final Purchase Price” or “Product Cost after expenses”.
Then I’ll have it show the result of doing the following:
mulitiply with currency exchange and
add the shipping,packing,logistic expenses.

Can it be done ?
Its not for reports. I want it displayed with:
“Checked” Show custom field as a column

You cannot do exactly what you describe. What you can do is create a custom theme that will perform a limited range of calculations on custom and built-in fields. See for an introduction to the capability. The Guide is not comprehensive, as implementation requires sophisticated coding that is generally beyond the scope of either the Guides or the forum.

None of this will show up as a column in tab listings.

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Thank you for your answer. It seems the only way is with custom field, and batch update after doing the calculations in excel?