Number of rows displayed in filtered List

Dear all,
Kindly include the No of records/rows displayed required, it is very difficult to count every time.
please find the below shortcut. ( at present only displaying hidden rows.

PS. I am using 20.9.89 version.

Why do you need to know the number of rows displayed? What information are you actually looking for? There may be another way of getting it.

Yes, Mr.Tut i need number of rows displayed. it very handy to display at same location which your are displaying now ( hidden rows)

The number of rows is displayed at the top of the page as shown in your screenshot.

When a search has not been done it is shown at the bottom of the screen

The count in the screenshot is the number of rows hidden, not the rows being displayed.

Before doing a Search, at the bottom right is a “total” of all display lines - note that value.
After doing a Search, deduct the hidden row count from the “total” to get a display count.

@Govindayya, you did not answer my question about what information you actually need. You must want the number of rows for some purpose. For example, are you counting invoices issued to a specific customer? If so, that number is listed directly in the Customers tab. Are you counting something related to inventory items? Such a number might be available in the Inventory Items tab.

Dear Mr.Tut, We need this information as follows:
Sales invoices: No of invoices customer should crosscheck with GST portal(India) for monthly verification.
Purchase invoices: Compare Physical copy with Entry for in the system
Sales Quotes: No of quotations given to the particular quotes to the customer.
For FY end verification of Purchase invoices with with supplier etc.

Before pagination change it was displayed bottom of the searched(Filtered) records…

I am not sure what use this would have been. Search results would have included all records meeting the search criteria since the business began. They would not have been limited to a month or a fiscal year. So the count would not have supported the use you describe over a long time period.

A row count would also not help you compare physical purchase invoices to entries in Manager. Nor would it help with verification of purchase invoices with a supplier.

Personally I would write a localisation to reliably do this, then run the report each month.
See How to implement country-specific report in Manager

Dear Mr.Tut,
we are facing the problem as:
XXXX Rows displayed and contain Search Value

Why we need this:

On Daily bases we receive the supplier purchase invoices are between 13 to 15 no’s (physical copies) once we entry done in manager software, we need verify with the count with hard copies.

Problem: No invoices count required and we are counting same on the screen is very tedious job.
and displaying on the screen.( it is displaying hidden record counts)
What we are doing now:
a) Taking total Invoices - hidden rows ( By calculator)= displayed , every day is making the same is very difficult.
b) Counting on the Screen ( No of invoices)

Pagination is not helping to do above requirement as it displayed only after 50 no of records.

The above problem making us difficult use manager software.

@Govindayya, if I were you, I would would:

  • Use automatic reference numbers instead of the mix you now are using.
  • Search for a date.
  • Sort by reference number.
  • Subtract the first reference number from the last—that is the number you entered that date.

Dear Tut,
Thanks for your quick reply:

  • Use automatic reference numbers instead of the mix you now are using.
    Ans: we are using customer invoice number as reference number (Which is must for the supplier invoices verification.)

  • Search for a date.
    Ans: The above screen shows shows done sort by date only.

  • Sort by reference number.
    Ans :Different supplier have different serial number we can’t have control over their numbers.

  • Subtract the first reference number from the last—that is the number you entered that date.
    Ans: it consuming time, waste of time.

Instead of the above all, if you can provide the displayed count, then problem will be solved forever.
this very basic requirement. i hope you understood.

Some users have requested the actual count rather than the smallest page limit choice is displayed it there are less than 50 records, which maybe a general solution

Sub-50 row count is already an idea.

Also, and I run the risk of veering off a bit, but

This is a direct result of Manager not being able to maintain supplier invoice reference with auto generated purchase reference. You can have either but not both. I think something should have been done about that already, otherwise the result is this:

You can create a custom field for the supplier’s reference number.