Number of items counter when less than default page size

I observed that number of items on a pages of Receipts, Payments, Customers, Suppliers, Capital, etc are not written unless the items are up to 50. It is good to write number of items even if its is only 1


The purpose of the feature you reference is to control the number of records appearing on a page, not count the total number of records. The default is 50, so the buttons are not shown when the number is less than 50.

If you want to know the total number of a particular type of transaction, this is always shown in the counter window for the relevant tab in the left navigation pane.

But it’s still handy to know if there’s 49 items in a search result. Otherwise the user will have to count manually.


Yes, but when you have done a search and the resultant listing is only a subset than that counter is meaningless, but a counter is still required when less than a default page size as highlighted by @Ealfardan example.

I have edited the topic’s heading and added it to the Ideas category.

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Added to the latest version (21.11.95)


Alhamdu lillah. That’s great. Thank you @lubos

thanks after 1 year of request now we got solution for counter.