Using full stop for decimal point

When typing in amounts, is it possible to use the “.” on the keypad (Del-key) to indicate the decimal point? When using the full stop on the numeric keypad, the amount is ignored when updating.

Is this a setting change? I am currently using (English – South Africa) as a setting.
I would gladly change to a setting where date is displayed “2015-02-24” and the amounts as “1,234.56” (with or without comma). Also working on spreadsheets often and having gotten in the habit of using the “.” as a decimal slows work down in Manager considerably, and also has caused several errors and re-dos.

Decimal separator in South Africa is comma. If you want dot, switch your date/number format to English (United Kingdom).

See: Guides | Manager

Thank you @lubos! Have done that, and works like a charm.

Just old habits of using “.” for decimal that made entering amounts cumbersome.

Since changing to Ubuntu a year ago, I have been looking for an accounting system that does what I need, and Manager is looking damn fine, Sir!
I am also impressed with this forum and the continuous interaction.
Do you ever sleep???

Keep up the good work!