How can I show my ready written notes in the box instead of out of the box like attached so that it is at my every offer below ?

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What version number are you using? I cannot reproduce what you show.

Actually, I have did it before with my other company, but I have forgotten how to do it, so I can’t do it now :))

There was a note section which I wanted to show at all my offers automatically which you can see at my attachments.

My version is

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I have found your reply before;

For an individual sales quote, edit the quote. To change the default text for all future sales quotes, change it under Form Defaults under Settings. See the Guide: Manager Cloud .

but I can’t find Form Defaults under settings,

In newer versions Form Defaults can be set at the tabs such as Sales Invoices themselves rather than in Settings. So open for example Sales Invoices and scroll down to where you see:

Manager version at the bottom of the Sales Invoice and similar tabs shows the following:

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I am sorry but I dont see this menu?

Is it at when creating or editing the Sales Invoice or when you open the Sales Invoice?

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It is at the bottom of the list of invoices.

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ok found ty,

but how can I add an automated text to my sales offers ?

as I was doing before,


Ok, gotcha, ty,

It is under Form Defaults,