I cannot get The Users or Support on my latest Desktop Version

I am missing “Users and Support” on the top line of latest version of Manager Desktop
How do I restore it.

The Users tab has never been functional for the desktop edition.

What information are you trying to obtain from the Support tab? It has likely been moved.

Hi Tut,
I never used the “Users” tab but I use the Support Tab to go straight from the Program to Forum and downloads. if I need it.

I don’t know what the reasoning was behind removing the Support tab. But it is easy enough to bookmark the Download and Forum links in your browser. I presume you also know about the Learn How to… links at the bottom of every page in Manager that take you to context-specific Guides.

Yes I appreciate what you are saying about Bookmarks etc but with the “Support” tab in Manager it was so convenient to just go to the Forum or Downloads without having to go to a browser. Not insurmountable without it but inconvenient.