Not able to generate a Customer Statement

Also, I just noticed that on one machine I have Manager 15.6.97 and on this machine it is 16.5.23…why doesn’t manager update…

How can I download version 15.6.97 …that version will print my customer statement

Be very careful about opening the same .manager file under two different versions of Manager, as doing so is very likely to corrupt your .manager file. You should update to the current version on both machines. Backup your .manager file immediately, before updating.

This is a shot in the dark, but when you’re putting in the date range for your statement report, are you typing the dates as you typed them above? If so, that may be the problem, depending on what your OS’s regional settings are. Make sure you are typing the years as 4 digits (2015, not 15) and see if that works better, as Manager seems to have trouble recognizing dates when the full format isn’t used. You might also try using 2-digit months and 2-digit days, in case that makes a difference. Or, alternatively, try selecting the date range using the pop-up calendar instead and see if that works.

Also, since you mentioned that you get different results on different machines, please check that the regional settings on both machines are the same, both within Manager (Preferences in the top menu) and in your operating system (e.g. on Windows, Control Panel > Region and Language > Formats) and make sure they’re consistent.

Finally, if you click on the blue dollar amount under Accounts receivable on the Customers screenshot you posted above, do you see a list of the invoices and the payment? If so, you can use a screenshot of that screen as a temporary statement substitute, until you figure it out. You might post a screenshot of that screen, too, and we can keep trying to see what the problem is.

@rhfarm, remember that none of the people trying to help you can see your accounts, only the two partial screen shots you have posted. They don’t show some critical information, so it is very difficult to troubleshoot your problem.

  • @lubos asked you to post a screen shot of of your Sales Invoices tab. You haven’t done that.

  • Somehow, your Cash at bank, Services, and Retained earnings accounts all match. Without seeing more of your records, that makes it look like you invoiced for $1291 in sales and got paid. Is that correct? If not, you have other problems, because you’ve got income and a matching bank account with no recorded way for the bank account to have received the money.

  • The absence of Accounts receivable on your Summary page suggests you are using cash accounting, but you have never said whether you are doing cash basis or accrual basis accounting.

  • Your Customers page shows Accounts receivable for a customer of $1976, which doesn’t match anything on your Summary page. Can you explain this?

  • Can you post a screen shot of what you see after going to Reports >> Customer Statements>>Transactions>>From 2/1/2015 Until 6/5/2016>>Next?

  • Since you asked, Manager doesn’t update automatically on the desktop edition or server edition because some users don’t want their accounting system and procedures to change without notice. It does update automatically on the cloud edition.

  • Also, since you asked, you can’t download version 15.6.97. That one is obsolete by several hundred updates. That is why @Jon warned you about using two different versions on the same accounting file.

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Have just tested @Jon date suggestions. If you enter the dates manually (not using the pop up calendar) then single digit months didn’t cause any problems but the two digit years did - no reports were produced.

It appears that @rhfarm is using cash basis, that’s why there is no BS Account Receivable account showing on the Summary tab and why the Customer balance can be higher then Summary tab figures as there is unpaid invoices.

Have just tested switching between accrual and cash basis and this had no impact on generating the Customer Statements, but that is on a single computer so all settings/preferences are equal - Ed 16.5.9

Why not use the computer with Manager Ed 15 for those reports until the issue with Manager Ed 16 is resolved. It would be helpful if you could switch Ed 16 to accrual basis (Summary tab - Set Period) then those assisting can be fully informed as to your transaction, as cash basis only provides a partial view.

Also, how did you create your data file for ED 16, import back up or re-entered data or ??

Just for information’s sake, on a Mac, entering 1- or 2-digit months and/or 2- or 4-digit years makes no difference. This improvement came a few months ago, and I just verified it has no impact on Customer Statements. That could be a problem on @rhfarm’s older version, but shouldn’t be on the newer one.

On a PC, entering a 2-digit year does make a difference. Only 4-digit years work properly. (One of the improvements I requested when I first joined was to allow more flexibility in the way dates are entered, like being able to type 010216 without punctuation and have it interpreted as either January 2, 2016 or February 1, 2016 or February 16, 2001, depending on the regional preference. That didn’t happen, though. The Windows version still requires punctuation – and 4-digit years.)

I have not opened the same manager file under two different version of manager and do not plan to…

As far as the date goes, I have tried all of the above and then some, in whatever format I use, the “Next” has focus but does nothing…

Regional settings are good

@rhfarm, something is definitely wrong with your accounts. You have 1 customer that you’ve invoiced for $1976. Accordingly to your most recent screen shot, they’ve paid $1291, and that’s the amount that shows in your bank account. But your Customers tab also shows accounts receivable for that customer still being $1976. At the same time, your P&L for the full period your business has been in business only shows $1291 in sales. These facts are mutually exclusive. So it seems you ought to have something in Suspense, which you don’t. And you insist you cannot produce a customer statement.

You seem to have had a total of 10 transactions. If I were you, I would delete everything related to Manager, perform a clean download and installation, and start over. By now, you’ve spent more time reading these posts than it would take to recreate the whole thing.

And, by the way, be sure to reboot your computer.

I am sorry that the first 2 screen shots were slow in coming…it seems that I was terminated because of being a first time user on the forum and was limited on how many posts I could post

So…this is all getting off on the wrong foot…Let me start over…
Thank you for showing your interest in my problem of not being able to generate a Customer Statement and I really do appreciate it…I like the product, it has great promise and I understand now that it is a work in progress.

My background is in Computer Information Technology, so my goal is to get this figured out…and I will do that…

So let me start over…I have a big box with 15.6.97 version of Manager on it,I use it for my self employment and have had no problem…was a user of intuit but no longer…have been very pleased with manager. I would like to know how to update this version to current…I don’t see an update button anywhere, but can deal with that a little later.

Now for the current situation…My husband uses the vista machine and intuit and is being forced to upgrade that wont run on vista so I have talked him into using Manager. Downloaded Manager and proceeded to start new business with his outstanding invoices and get him set up. It took a time or two to figure out that these two Manager’s were not the same, that’s when I realized my version was not updating and his was so different that I dont know what I have done at this point. Also not sure if the statement problem is with vista or manager.

I think what I need to do is print out the transactions that are there and delete everything. This box is big enough to run windows 10, just bite the bullet and pay for 10, get 10 running and reload Manager and start over. Any suggestions are greatly welcomed. Please let me know if there are any issues with the latest version so I will not be caught off guard.I have to get this running soon so my husband can do his billing.

Thank you so much and I will keep you updated unless you suggest I do something different and we will go from there.

Haha…Absolutely…that’s funny, just what I was thinking…

The way to update is to download from the web site, which automatically gives you the latest version. Install it exactly like you did with the original version. The installation process takes care of getting rid of or saving the old version, depending on your platform. I’m a Mac user, so I don’t know the exact steps under Windows.

Then, understand that with one copy of Manager, you can run as many businesses as you want. The data isn’t stored in the application, but in separate data files for each business that are called by the application. So there is no need for two copies of Manager unless you are running them on different machines.

So, if I were you, I would update the version of Manager on the “big box” machine. Add your husband’s business on that machine and enter the 10 transactions. That will let you see if all works correctly. Then, if you want to run his business on a different machine, back up his business only to a drive accessible by both machines. A USB flash drive will work. Download and install the current version onto his machine. It will run on Vista. Add his business to his machine, importing it from whatever drive you used.

Or, since he has so few transactions, just download and install the latest version on his Vista machine and recreate the business. Make sure you’ve read all the relevant Guides at Quite a bit has changed since the version you had installed on the “big box.”

Ok…I just loaded everything into the 15.6.97 version and it all works…he can do his billing for now. Meanwhile, I will work on deleting everything and new install of Manager, add a couple of transactions for a test run and see what happens. If all goes well, I will update 15.6.97 to current and transfer husbands account…any reason this should not work? Just let me know…

That should work. Just be sure to back up your records before the update. Also, be aware you can create a test company to play your games with as you try to figure out features of Manager. Don’t put your actual records at risk.

By the way, if you get his company running in the old version and things look correct, there is no need to delete everything. Just update the application and it will call the old data file. All versions and editions of Manager are backwards compatible, but not forward compatible. That is, a new version will always open and correctly interpret an old data file. But old versions may not be able to read data files created by new versions.

Customer Statement Can’t generate

create new report

i can’t see new report after update

You did not create a new statement. You only edited the date and selected the Plain theme.

this is new business

After update i can’t see nothing
kindly advise me how to do to check customer statements

Read the Guide.

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