No Tab to add Bank Account

I have no tab to add my bank account…not even at the customize page??

in new update they removed bank account

there is only cash account in that you can create new bank/cash account.
so there should be no problem

Thank you so much!!! It worked…sorry my first time using the program.

Have a lovely day!

First time user… so i am battling to understand how you add banking details to an invoice!!!

i looked at most of the options that was mentioned in the comments… still not getting it?!

Please advise

You need to add a custom field for an invoice, then use the form defaults to enter the bank details.

I agree with what Joe91 wrote, but I’m going to add some more information for you:

Creating a custom field:

  • You can add billing details by creating a custom field for this information.
  • The custom field could be named “Billing Details”, or “Notes”, or whatever else you like.
  • When choosing the type of custom field, use “paragraph text”.
  • Make sure to also select “Show on printed documents”.
  • Instructions: Manager Cloud

Entering form defaults:

  • Form defaults are used to set default content on fields in the form.
  • This is helpful for you, because you most likely want to set your billing details to be entered already for all new invoices. So you will want to set it as the default value for your new custom field you just created.
  • Instructions: Manager Cloud

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