Nil Balances


Have just downloaded latest version and installed. You have created many Locked Accounts.
I understand that these accounts are necessary for some/many users.

It would be good if any accounts with NIL BALANCE did not appear on Summary, Trial Balance and Profit & Loss.

My reports are looking very complicated with many nil balances and account names that are not relevant.

Please consider


it is really only the Front Page Summary that needs tidying up


Can you name specific accounts you see and don’t want to see?


Fees from work in progress
Work in progress - Movement
Supplier advance payments -
Work in progress
Customer advance payments -
Loan from Daniel Reid -
Loan from Sarah Reid -
Loan from Tim Debnam -
Tax payable -


Loan accounts I assume are your custom accounts under Chart of Accounts, Sales account can be also deleted from Chart of Accounts if unused.

Remaining accounts are visible because of tabs you have enabled. For example, Work in progress accounts are visible if Timesheets tab is enabled. Tax payable account is visible if Tax Codes are enabled under Settings tab. etc.

Next month, we are going to add a lot more content to our documentation. All control accounts will be explained. What they are for and why they are visible (or how to turn them off)


thanks for your usual excellent service with prompt reply. I discovered the that some tab settings enabled some account names. I am Happy
thank You