How to hide ' 0 ' zero balance account

How to hide the heads of accounts of zero balances in all reports ?
I have settled a person’s amount Rs.40,000/- which was received earlier.
However, in the later reports, his name is displayed with ’ - ’ symbol as his account balance is ’ 0 ’ zero.

Kindly guide.

Thank you.

what report are you talking about?

Balance Sheet.
Later I will send screenshot.
Thank you.

Please see in the picture, that against the entry, namely, Sundry Creditors : Gurumurthy symbol ’ - ’ is displayed to show nil balance. That accounts with nil balance need not be shown. Thanks.

It looks like you have created separate special accounts for your creditors.

If you use the standard Accounts Payable then the list of creditors would not be shown.

Is there a reason that you have individual creditors shown on the Balance Sheet, this is not normal accounting practise?

you have created each individual as an account in your Chart of Accounts.
you should be creating them as Customers or Suppliers in their relevant tabs.

read these guides.

chart of accounts is a permanent structure of your business activities and is not usually created to represent an individual’s accounts.

To answer your original questions explicitly, @skguru, you cannot hide accounts created under the Chart of Accounts. They remain no matter what their balance.

Usage is for my personal account. Creditors being a few and amount huge there’s need for its separate display. Anyway I agree to your reason that it’s not conventional. Don’t bother. Thanks.