New Version Not Working

I have just installed the new version but is not working. Kindly guide me.


To find a version for your PC, check with software publisher.

and can’t access my data

What operating system version are you using? And what version of Manager did you install? If you are using Windows, did you download the correct 32-bit or 64-bit version of Manager?

i am using
Window 10 , 32-bit
Manager X-64

Yyou can’t expect the 64-bit version of Manager to run on Windows 32-bit

You need to download and install the 32-bit version of Manager

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How? When i want to install old version . PC give error that an updated verion has alrady been installed.

@israr0136, @Syed_israr, I already sent you a private message about using multiple user accounts. Please answer the question I asked in that message.

Since you are using Windows, install according to this Guide: You cannot use an older version of Manager with a business that has already been opened by a newer version.

I have not taken backup. I am using window 32 bit and aslo installed Manager 64x. To install Manager 86x. PC need removal/uninstall of Manager.

Then How can i recover my DATA

Your data is not stored in the program. It is in a separate data file in your application data folder. The new version of the program will call data from the data file. See the Guide: Manage application data folder contents | Manager.

To uninstall the incorrect, 64-bit version, follow the instructions in the error message you showed.

Thanks @Tut issue resloved.