New version and Win 10 problem

I downloaded Manager this morning (29 May 2017) and I came up with this.

“Can not load one or more required types. For more information, please recover the Loader Exceptions property”

No problem with previous version (I think 17.5.0)

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Same here

I went back to 17.5.0 and works OK.

I have the same problem, in windows 7 if you install on top of v.17.5.0, since lubos have said he has reroll the manager to previous design which means the one you use up to now are incompatible because some files are not suppose to be in use. THUS, you have to full uninstall and reinstall latest version of v17.5.8


thanks “acecombat2” problem solved.:grinning:

For some reason Newtonsoft.Json.dll wasn’t copying into install directory when upgrading from 17.5.0. The latest version fixes the issue.

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Same here. In fact Manager has disappeared
from my laptop

@johantand, have you updated again? The problem was reported to be fixed.

Ye I have get the following message: This app cant run on your computer.

What operating system (including version)? If it’s Windows XP, that is no longer supported.

Windows 10 version 1607

Can you show screenshot to see in which context you get the error?