New update won't run

Hi guys. I sold my business a few years back and have only been using Manager for some personal accounts (doing books for my Mother-in-Law) - so have not needed to keep updating. Have been happily running v22.9.26.402 but have run into an issue uploading csv transaction statements from my Mother-in-Laws new Mastercard - the provider has no other download format available but pdf. The files are flagged as “corrupted” by Manager so I’ve downloaded the latest version as an update.

The new version will not open at all on my Ubuntu 20.04 system. No error, no nothing. Click the file - no response at all. AppImageLauncher can’t even seem to find it. I’ve even right clicked and explicitly said “Open with Other Application” and pointed AppImageManager at it - but still nothing.

Has something changed while I wasn’t looking?

I can still run the old version - but am not looking forward to manually entering all the transactions. Any clues?

Can you start Manager from terminal?


This should give you an error in terminal why it’s not launching.