New to M manager Accounting

Hi members,

I am now to Accounting and to M manager. I created my business account in the M manager. Now i need to clarify few things on how to do them.

1.I purchase in USD and sell in GBP. How can i set the currency conversion?
2.I need to pay import duty but the duty depends on the invoiced amount. How or where can i set up the import duty?
3.Will i be able to see my average purchase pricing for different purchases of the same product?

What do you mean by M manager? The application is simply called Manager.

With regards to your questions, you can find the answers in the appropiate Guides and by using the search option of the forum in the right upper corner.

See the guides

First Steps

Initial Setup: Set base currency | Define foreign currencies
Use multiple currencies
and update the Exchange rate in settings

Not directly. By definition, average cost is the average. If you want to know the price you paid for individual purchases, you will need to look at purchase invoices and/or payments.

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