Transactions by customer

I am a club treasurer, and would like be able to view income and expenses by member

I assume your “members” are configured as “customers” in Manager. If so:

Custom reports listing sales by customer have been requested a few times, including here and here (item #3). @Lubos has said he is working on expanding the documentation for custom reports (custom, not customer), so that will be a first step in allowing you to generate the proper SQL needed to extract a custom report of transactions by customer/member. Many of us would also like to see a canned Customer report as described in the links above.

For now, though, you could print out customer transaction statements to see all transactions for each member (Reports > Customer Statements > Statement type = Transactions). You would have to do it one by one (once for each member), but you’d get what you need. Again, some sort of batch automation would be nice, but we haven’t been given that yet.

Alternatively, you could give each member his/her own income account and expense account(s) so the totals would appear on your P/L Statement and in your G/L Transactions report, but that would be unwieldy if you have more than a few members. Your Chart of Accounts would look something like this:

- Membership fees: Andrew Applebaum
- Membership fees: Betty Bitdiddle
- Membership fees: Chris Crabgrass
- Membership fees: David Downstein

- Member expenses: Andrew Applebaum
- Member expenses: Betty Bitdiddle
- Member expenses: Chris Crabgrass
- Member expenses: David Downstein

Finally, you could also use Tracking Codes, giving each member a unique code. You’d also need to have an extra tracking code for income and expenses that are not allocated to a particular member. If you have more than 4 or 5 tracking codes (more than 3 or 4 members), it won’t be useful because each tracking code occupies its own column on reports, and each column needs to be configured separately so it wouldn’t be a reasonable solution.

I hope this helps.

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