New receipt on Sales Invoice bug


I believe I’ve discovered a bug in Sales Invoices. I’m on Windows using Manager v 20.9.62.

When I select an open sales invoice and click the “New Receipt” button, I get taken to a “Payment or Receipt” dialog but the type defaults to “Payment”. This used to default to “Receipt”.

Update your software.

Looking at the releases page, I’m at the latest release.

Updated to 20.10.35. Same behavior.

No, you were about 60 versions behind. Only features detectable by users are announced on the Releases page. Most of the recent updates have been associated with infrastructure improvements. The reason I suggested you should update is that there might have been a short-lived bug during the flurry of updates over recent days. It turns out there wasn’t.

Was the sales invoice already overpaid when you clicked New Receipt? If so, the program generates a payment (a negative receipt) to zero the balance due.

If the receipt is unpaid, the New Receipt button generates a receipt even if the Form Default for the Payment or Receipt form is Payment.

No, it is an invoice with no receipts posted against it.


I cannot reproduce this behavior, no matter how hard I try. The only way I can make a payment form appear is to click New Receipt for an overpaid sales invoice, as mentioned above.