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For a transaction, such as an Invoice, Quote, Purchase Order, etc…; to be able to click back to the previous or forward to the next in numerical order. The picture shows Invoice #100 for John Smith, the next would be Invoice #101 for Bob Jones. The previous would be Inv. 99 for Suzzie Que.

Probably would be better to have that button next to the :Receive Money" button, rather than at top of page.

You suggest that Next button should go to the next invoice across all customers. What if someone wants Next button to go to the next invoice of the same customer or to have Next/Previous buttons to work only within the scope of unpaid invoices.

You see, this feature can be very ambiguous. Unless ambiguity is somehow solved, this feature won’t be added…

For now, just click Back button to go to the list of invoices where you can click on another invoice to view.

As a user of QuickBooks over a couple decades or more, in a high volume, fast pace environment, I tend to focus on the features that make for a more user friendly experience. I’ve set up QB for clothing stores, restaurnats, even doctors offices. I used it in the computer business. In years past, I would have give anything to get QB to run on Linux without issues, just to get away from the virus trap know as Windows. I feel at some point, Manager will be what I would suggest to people as a way to run their business without having to keep Windows. Every time I see that you’ve released another update, I anxiously look to see what you’ve added.

At one point, I even paid a lot of maney for a software program custom made for my business. It got ditched after several month of trying to make it work, and back to QB.

As I see it, Manager comes closer to a real alternative to QB than anything out there. I only have suggestions that I feel are benificial to the development to get there, to make it a more user friendly experience.
You’re doing what people everywhere have been wanting for years. Keep up the good work.


I hope that you will reconsider adding this feature at some point.

Hi @lubos, i think this is a great idea only the previous/next should be on another place so you can build/program it where it’s functional (mainly on all the reports/documents you can view).

Also it would enhance usability a lot when clicking anywhere in the opened document, in this case an Invoice, it would close in the same manner as if the back button is pressed.

Not if it functions (up and down that ladder) only in relation to the current screen data.

If I was in Customers/Suppliers and clicked edit on name AAA, then next would be AAB
If I was in Customers/Suppliers and clicked on the balance of AAA, then next would be within AAA

If I was in Sales/Purchase Invoices and clicked edit an invoice, then next would be above/below.
If there needs to be a sort then date followed by reference as references are optional

If I was in Inventory Items and clicked edit on Item Name 1, then next would be Item Name 2.
This would be particular useful for updating selling prices.

If I was in Cash Accounts and clicked on the balance of - well you get the picture

But none of this before Budgeting and … and … and …

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I was about to post a new suggestion, but found this old thread which was very similar, so I thought I would just add to it…

On occasion, I like to review the details of multiple sales receipts such as those found in my search results or of multiple transactions shown on a default screen. I’ve often thought it would be nice if the application had navigation buttons somewhere to the right of the “Edit,Clone,Print,PDF,Email” buttons.

For example, to view the details of multiple receipts, I’ll first click “Cash Accounts”, select an account by clicking its “Cleared balance” and then the “View” button. To view the Next or Previous receipt, I have to click “Back”, then “View”, then “Back”, then “View”, etc.

I don’t where this would fit among the development priorities, but it would be nice if the application had a “Prev” and “Next” button which allowed the user to navigate back and forth through the list (transactions shown in the previous list view) while retaining a detailed view of the receipts. Just a suggestion…