New model of sales invoices for central america


For All Central America and Mexico, the taxes departament demand a new rules to make invoices.
They want that all invoices have the total amount of the invoice IN LETTERS, a column exempt from taxes and sub-total separeting exempt from taxes and sub-total with taxes.
also they want a code bar with all data of the sale date company data all in code bar.
Manager must include option to customice each field that user want use in the cod bar.
Manager must include this changes to that all this region can use your software.
if you release a new version, please include this changes.

please provide an official government weblink which states these requirements.

It seems that every nation is becoming so strict on invoices layout, data and even digital format and Manager doesn’t keep in step with the time

Sure, here a some links with that rules until a couples years ago from oficial web of the goverment in Honduras whose model is the same in all latin america. All is in Spanish and we hope that you find a way to translate the rules and make this changes in this excellent software but
it’s useless at all this region countries without this changes.

God Morning,

Also i the foot or end of invoice, they need a FIX FIELD with data or information.
Manager must have a field where the user can introduce some data JUST ONE TOME required for government for each invoice. Data or information we’ll be FIX for each invoice the same information and can change that information every time that taxes department change your serial autorization to make invoices

You need to provide links to web sites with HTML code so the documents can be translated with You have provided, for example, a link to a PDF of a PowerPoint presentation and a subscription site requiring sign-up.

Only the actual regulations are needed.

As for your authorization field, that can easily be done with a custom field in Manager.

I would like provide links in html code but the official webpages of goverment just got the laws in pfd format.
But i guess that de programer can download forms and convert in other format with some programs and then translate from

As to what was said about FIELD LIKE AN IMAGE OR JUST INFORMATION PRINT IN ALL INVOICE, Please tell me how i can do that, its a magnificent software and i would like how i can PUT INFORMATION FIX AND SHOW IN ALL INVOICE EVERY TIME I WANNA PRINT IT.

Thanks a lot

Read these Guides:

The first tells you how to set up custom fields. The second explains how to enter default content that will appear on all future transactions of a certain type.