Request - invoice format modification - Accounting in Albania

as manager is perfect for internal (control) accounting trying to use it as all in one accounting software is very difficult in my country. (Albania)

first and the main reason is the invoice format,
with format i am not refering to where a cell must be in the page but the values
for example it is required by law to display for each line,
price without vat,
total without vat
total vat
total with vat

and in the end table be displayed
total without vat, total vat, total with vat

at a certain degree this can be made manually with custom fields but is time consuming.

there are certan reports required too but fist of all invoice format is top priority

can the change be made? and where do i post it with all the legal documents published online by goverment.
shall i publish here or privat msg to @lubos

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provide the official link with all the details here.

from goverment site

inside the first pdf document
Neni 50 (article 50)
Fatura tatimore me TVSH ( vat invoice)

Except for the descriptions and data provided in point 3 of Article 49 hereof
law, VAT tax invoice contains:
a) the value on which VAT is calculated;
b) VAT value applied by category of items, works e
c) the amount of VAT.

from goverment site

downloadable document template
FAtura tatimore e shitjes me TVSH (VAT sales tax invoice)

this is a template of goverment issued sales invoces (they are issued in book like with each invoice having a serial number in 3 copies to be filled manually, electronic invoices can be generated after purchasing a series for serial numbers from the tax office exampled from 7770000 to 7770100

also from a external english site

VAT invoices in Albania

In order to comply with tax laws, you should include the following information on your invoices to customers in Albania:

  • Your business’ name and address
  • Your business’ VAT number
  • Invoice date
  • Invoice sequencing number
  • Buyer’s name and address
  • Buyer’s VAT number.
  • VAT (amount and rate) applied to each item
  • Final amount after VAT is added
  • The currency used