New Financial Year Start


What is the best way to start a new financial year start date please ?

With the new financial year approaching { April 2014 }

My new tax year is from April 2014-March 2015


Here’s how I do it:

Once the new year starts, click Customize in the Summary tab and enter the first date of your new fiscal year. That will make the Summary page display only the YTD results for the current year.

Then, whenever you need more detailed information, just create reports on the Reports tab with dates starting with April 1. Your reports will then show only current fiscal year results. You can, of course, leave any old reports from the previous year in case you want to reference them later.


Thank you for that information , it is easy to do and i like the fact you can go back and see transactions from the previous year!

Love the program.


I just want to confirm what @gabe said is 100% correct way of handling this.