How to Set Financial Period Start and End Date

Hi Folks,
In India the financial year starts on April 1st and end March 31st the following year. How can set the financial period in Manager? Or is that not required.

Please advice.

Try the “Customise” button on the Summary page. Also, you can set dates for most reports.

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Hi SignumSol, the way my company does it is that we have a setup new company for each financial year. Currently as I am backdating data entry we have three company’s called
Company LTD 2012-2013
Company LTD 2013-2014
Company LTD 2014-2015

I am not sure if there is a better way but it works for us

Follow @msb. Keep all your financial periods (years) in single file. To “setup financial years”, simply setup your reports for financial periods you require.

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Thank you (msb, lubos, themilkmen) for your answers. I now have the required information to move ahead because of your answers.