New Feature Change default font type

Could Preferences have the option to change the default font type and size so that I can use my brand fonts for invoices, orders and quotes that are sent to clients or suppliers.

Easy peasy! Open Internet Explorer, and open the Internet Options dialog. (Depending on which version of IE you have, it’s probably under the Tools menu.) Near the bottom of the General tab, in the Appearance section, click the Accessibility button and then select the Ignore font styles specified on webpages option. Click OK. Now back in the Internet Options dialog, choose the Fonts option, and pick whatever font you want in the Webpage font section. Click lots of OKs.

Back in Manager, you should now see your invoices, orders, and quotes (and, unfortunately, everything else) in the font you’ve selected.

Be very careful that you don’t wind up with something like this, though:


lol. Very attractive!

Thank you. I will give that a go. I did not realise that Manager used the font set in IE. I will have a look and see whether I can get IE to print background colours by default as this is another issue with Manager when I print to pdf it does not print the background colours.

Thank you @Jon, not only has this fixed my font issue, I now realise that setting IE to print background colours enables me to use background colours in Manager and get them to print finally.

Thank you. Much appreciated.

I will withdraw this post as I have discovered that I would need to change the font sizes of the main text and heading if I change the font. Thus there is no value in a default font without the ability to change the font size in different areas of the form. It would make sense to add the custom html functionality that Lubos is intending to introduce at some point in time and use that instead. The custom templates are not suitable as they are missing the newer features in the program.