Font issue and scrolling size

Somehow the main application tab fonts have changed! See below

And the numbers also seem to have a problem with this! 2500 is seen as 2600! How do I fix this? I’m on the latest version! (16.4.56)

You must have installed some new font which has overridden default one. This is not something that has changed by upgrading Manager.

If you are on Windows:

Manager uses the Internet Explorer engine to display its screens, so the issue is probably coming from IE. Open Internet Explorer, and go to the Settings dialog. (Depending on which version of IE you have, it’s under something like Tools > Internet Options.)

First, find the Fonts button. (Again, it varies by IE version, but look for the Appearance section under the General tab.) If there’s an option to “Ignore font styles specified on web pages,” make sure it’s turned off. If you don’t see that option under Fonts, look for an Accessibility button and find the option there. Again, make sure it’s turned off. (If you have a very old version of IE, you might find an option called something like “Allow webpages to override preset font”; in that case, you want to turn the option on.)

Basically, what I think might be happening is that you (or something you installed) changed your IE settings to make it use its own fonts instead of the font specified by a webpage author. Remember, Manager’s screens are essentially webpages, and they specify their own fonts.

If I’ve confused you, see, but follow the instructions opposite from what they tell you there since you want the opposite result.

If none of this works, you can take the nuclear option of using the same IE settings page to specify a particular font that works well for you in Manager, and then turning on the “Ignore font…” option. However, this will affect all webpages you view with IE, and the results in Manager and elsewhere are not guaranteed.

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That does work in Manager but as you mentioned, effects the other websites on IE that I log on to! Any other method that my font on Manager can be fixed without effecting websites I visit in IE?

You’re welcome.

The answer to your last question is No. You can either change the IE settings for Manager each time, you can change the settings for other websites at other times, or you can use a different web browser for non-Manager browsing.

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