Column for "Pending/Cleared" Transaction

*Pending/Cleared Column:
I think that there should be a column for bank transactions that are still pending; rather than having to choose “Edit” for the transaction.

There used to be an end column on the transaction page which showed pending or cleared. I am using Version 21.11.98 and it does not have this, but i think that the next released version should have it.

the columns are still available.

I meant to say that there should be a column with a check-box option on the transaction listing (Receipts & Payment) page. And not having to edit the posting or only by going to the Bank/Cash menu.

you cannot add the cleared date and other transaction related bank information with a checkbox.

I understand, but i thought that once you select the check-box, a dialogue will open up with the “Date-picker.”

@geskn, that isn’t possible. The date picker is a feature of transaction forms, not lists. Lists are processed displays of transaction forms.