Can we Change the date format?

Can we Change the date format ? i want the detailed date format for example: 26-Aug-2016. pls help me out…thanks in advance

You can from preferences

Yes and no. You can change the format, but only to one of the two dozen formats defined by the program. Unfortunately, dd-MMM-yyyy is not one of the options.

(Side note to @Lubos: It would be nice if it were…)

To change the setting, click on Preferences in the top menu, then on the hyperlink under Date format, and then select the format you prefer and click Update,

Here are the available formats (for August 25, 2016):

@lubos I was looking through a similar thread last night and found the reference to manually selecting the date format (overriding the system default). So I’ve downloaded the latest version (as of last night) and I’m not seeing the screen above in the same way.

For me it’s not a problem because I prefer the ISO format and have it selected, just letting you know I’m not seeing the preferences screen as indicated above:

(turning the ISO option off didn’t make the date selectable)

edit: If it matters, I’m using the desktop version on OS X

Download again. The enhancement was made as of v16.8.77.

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lol, np. thx :thumbsup: