Changing date format

How do i change my US date format to British Date format?

See Guides | Manager

Hi thanks for the quick response. But I couldn’t find the preferences tab… I,am using Mac and my Date format is dd/mm/year i.e. British. Where should i look for the preferences tab? I couldn’t find it in Manager too.

At the top, you should see tabs Businesses, Users, Preferences etc…

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I couldn’t find the said “Users” “Preferences” tab. Uploaded the screen shot for the references.


You are using some old version. Upgrade to the latest from Download | Manager

Installed new version of Manager. Date issue solved. Attached is Screenshot and I have mentioned the issues. Please find the screenshot and help me to resolve.

a) The top side of the invoice is gone totally out of format.
b) I want Sub total followed Taxes and then Total etc…


Sub-total was missing in new template, upgrade to the latest version (14.11.12) where it’s added back.

To fix business address, go to Settings → Business Details and make sure your contact information is in multiple lines, don’t write it in single line otherwise it will stretch over the whole invoice.