New Cloud Edition pricing

A 64% price increase for the Cloud Edition? Well…

How did you arrive at this percentage?

How? I’ve been paying P399/month now I’m paying P620/mnth. That’s how.

The price was changed from 39 USD to 49 USD in mid 2020 and the price haven’t changed since.

The increase you see is due to exchange rate fluctuations over which Manager has no control.

What are you really arguing? I stated that the price has increased by 64 percent for me. It’s a fact. The exchange rate fluctuation of the USD to my currency isn’t anything close to even half of that increment.

I’m not arguing anything. I’m simply presenting the facts.

This is how much Manager charges per subscription per month:

Also, Manager doesn’t do any currency conversions, the amount is charged in USD:

The conversion from USD to P is done by your payment forwarder whether it be your bank, your credit facility, PayPal or any other payment processor.

You need to speak to them.

That is simply not true. Just use a VPN and select Botswana, you will notice that Manager puts the price in the local currency.

P620 - P399 = P221
P221 / P399 = 55%

(I’m not saying it’s fair, just that it’s not 64%.)

You seem not to know exactly what you’re talking about, but so sure of yourself.
This is how much I get charged per month.

It seems that you are comparing prices and exchange rates from mid 2020 to now

In mid-2020, the price was $ 39, the exchange rate around 10.5 BWP/$ = roughly BWP 400

Now, price is $ 49, the exchange rate is now around 13.0 BWP/$ = roughly BWP 640

The increase was about BWP 100 due to the price rise and BWP 140 due to exchange rate change


Didn’t know that. Thanks.

But this means that it’s stripe that doing the conversions.

This also provides a possible solution.

@Monkgogi_Samson, if you can get a better exchange rate than stripe, get a USD account and use a VPN to get the USD price.