New Account For The Next Book Year

I would like to know what must i do if i still have outstanding invoices in the previous account and i just want to move them to the other account

When you create a business in Manager, it is multi-year, that means you should keep using that business for the lifetime of the business. You don’t and create new business file when new financial year starts.

By keeping all years in single business entity, you will get complete history of your business, customers, suppliers, transactions and will be able to generate interesting comparative reports and more.

So keep using the same business file in new financial year. Manager is designed to handle multi-year.

I would like to know the following please:

We are working in an education institution where learners leave at the end of their school career.

As I am new to accounting, and not an accountant, please advise on how to proceed:

Those accounts with credits and debits should obviously stay open in the business for the new financial year.

  1. How can I “remove” or archive those accounts that have been paid in full, where the learners have left and not returning?

As new learners will come in and at the end I have a lot of accounts lying there that are not in use anymore.

  1. Would it not be easier if one could do a roll-over to the next financial year and select those who have to continue, so that credits and unpaid invoices can be transferred?

I urgently need your assistance please.


Go to each Customer (account) and tick the Inactive box at the bottom - this will remove them from the listing - so only current ones remain.

Thank you very much @Brucanna, I will do that. :smiley: