Opening balances


I’m brand new to Manager and can’t find my way around. Let’s say I’m entering bookkeeping information for year N. How do I carry forward the balances of end of year N-1? What accounts to debit and credit for year N-1? Thanks in advance for helping me out.

Unable to enter any data

Your figures will be automatically transferred into new financial year without doing anything.

When your new financial year starts, you can create Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet for new financial year. That is pretty much all what you need to do.


Thanks for your help. I will do that!


Let say last year I’ve used other accounting software then for the current year I want to use Manager software. How can I record all the Balance b/f from last year to Manager software? Do you have an easy way to me to record it or I should record all it one by one? :joy: :joy:


Read the Guides. See