.net framework issue

I have just downloaded manager but when I tried to install it says I must have to have .net framework lower than 4.5.1. can anyone send me proper link to download so that I can enjoy this beautiful software. Thanks

I would recommend not to use third-party sites and instead to download it directly from the official source (Microsoft). Also, the preview for your link @spandan888 says 4.7, whereas OP requested “lower than 4.5.1” instead.

So in this case, I’d recommend trying to download from here instead:

i too had the same problem, the OP @Hassan_Zamir has made a mistake in writing his query.
the requirement is for version 4.5.1 and above. and the link redirects to the official website

I have managed to install now but after installed another issue occurred,
it says
The webpage is unavailable because you are offline,
Things to try:
*Connect to the internet.
*Make sure u aren’t working offline. Press At click File and click Work
offline to remove the tick, could you please help me to sort
this issue out as soon as possible,
Kind regards

can u post a screenshot?

Do you have Norton Firewall or something like that installed. Windows Firewall does not block the problem, but Norton or Mcafee might. Check that you are able to go online with Internet Explorer as the problem may be with IE.