Supplier's returns

Can somebody please explain why there is no supplier’s return or why debit note does not affect quantity on hand from the items balance. I notice when goods are returned to supplier and debit note is used, the goods will still not leave the item on hand balance. Debit note should be allowed to be like credit note in the opposite.

What version of manager are you using?
What tabs have you activated - Sales Invoices, Credit Notes, etc - what tabs are visible on your Summary page ?

Show a screen image of the transaction you think should affect your inventory and doesn’t

Cloud version which updated. My concern is that the goods returned to supplier does not reduce inventory balance if check from report or from inventory items. Debit note work fine by debiting supplier but in terms of inventory that has left my warehouse to supplier should also be removed.

@ibdek, is your Goods Receipt tab enabled? If it is, you must enter a goods receipt to tell the program the goods have moved. The process is described in this Guide: Manage inventory - Part 2 Continuation | Manager.

Yes, good receipt is enable but it is meant to receive good from supplier which I use correctly. Returning some goods already have in the store to the supplier is the issue. When it is return, it does not reduce inventory balance on the report if posted with debit note only deal with monetary values and nothing to reduce the inventory status with the number of qty returned.

It does that. But it also is used to tell the program that returned goods have gone back to the supplier. That is why you enter a negative quantity. This is clearly explained in the linked Guide.

It is. Read the Guide carefully, for both credit and debit notes. The only difference is about what costs are used. That, too, is explained in the Guide. When it comes to quantities, credit and debit notes work the same way with delivery notes and goods receipts.

If you have the Delivery Note and Goods Received tabs available, then the only way to affect the physical inventory is a Delivery Note or a Goods Received Note

Please read the three guides in Inventory Management

Thank you. It works with negative qty.