Need to import my business everytime I open my backup business

Hello,Thank you for the latest update of this software.WHen I updated my software to the version 20.2.68, and when I back up my business and save in a cloud server like onedrive , every time I need to open the backup file a promp up page that always asks me to import the business I want.
Usually when I used to backup my business to onedrive,I was able to acces it with a double click without asking me every time to import the business . I will be sending a screenshot for that.
Is there any solution to be able to open my backup business without asking me every time to import the business. This option was not an issue before

This is a known bug: Can't Open a Manager File directly after updating to V20.2.27.

I guess the question is, why do you need to open your backup file so often ?.
Backup files are there as backups as required, not to be opened as live files.

The way I use to to work before the last update is to backup my business and save this backup in a cloud server like onedrive.So I was able to work from different computers with no problems by using the backup file as my initial file
after the last update of the software we had that problem

You can still do almost what you did before. Obviously, you must have Manager installed on the different computers. Until the bug is fixed, however, you will need to import the backup so it is listed on the main Businesses page.

Be careful to understand, however, that working on a business at one installation does not update the file for that business at another installation. You would now have two versions of the same business containing different transactions.

A better solution, even after the bug gets fixed, is to change the application data folder location on both installations to the cloud storage location. Then your only challenge would be to make sure you update software on all computers at the same time. See

Your set up is not quite correct. On each computer your Manager Application Data path (the live files) should be located within a sub-folder of your local onedrive folder. Also the backups but in a different sub-folder.

Then whenever you start a computer the local onedrive folder will sync with the cloud, therefore when you open the Manager application all you need to do is open the business.

I use Dropbox cloud service and several computers and have NEVER needed to open a backup file yet.

Application Data path: C:\Users\ . . . \Dropbox\Manager
Backups: C:\Users\ . . . \Dropbox\Backups

how Can you do it @Brucanna Because Everytime I need to open my backup file I need to import it to the program
and the backup file will not be updated

The point is not to open the backup file, but to change your application data path so it resides on your cloud server.

This is I exactly Did.but still not workig.If I change the data on my primary laptop I must re-backup the manager file and put it on the cloud so I will be able to work on the same file from another laptop

No, you do not need to do that. You should not be working in backup files at all. You need to change the application data path on both computers to access the file at your cloud storage location.

That is a completely different question from the one you originally asked.