Need Simple Reports

Hello! The auditor for my little school is requesting a “Receipts Report”, a “Check Report”, and “Deposit Detail Information” for a particular time period, printed from the accounting program. I cannot find anything matching this information in the “Reports” tab. I have studied the Custom Reports Guide, but after much trial and error with it, I have not been able to come up with simple lists of Deposits, Receipts, or Checks.

Can you give me some suggestions? I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

You need to define what those reports contain. There are no standard accounting reports by those names, so they could mean many different things. Most likely, you can obtain the information in the Bank and Cash Accounts tab by drilling down on the balance(s) of one or more of your accounts. From there, you can copy to the clipboard and manipulate the result in a speadsheet.

Or, you could copy the Receipts and Payments tab listings to the clipboard and filter for the dates. You could also drag and copy over just a portion of those listings for the relevant dates.

You might also get what your accountant wants by generating a General Ledger Transactions report for your Cash & cash equivalents account. It all depends on what you need.

I also remind you that much of what an accountant could produce is the same as Manager’s standard financial reports. Beware of being charged for something the program already provides.


Our auditor requests the bank statements from the business bank, the P&L report, Balance Sheet (report) , Cash Flow statement and G&L transactions report. As @Tut mentioned the latter probably contains all the auditor will need. When the auditor questions / traces certain transactions then in those instances where realistic accompanying receipts and payment evidence from customers and suppliers would need presenting also.

Sorry for my delayed response. Thank you so much for your helpful suggestions. I learn something every time I visit the Forum. Before I forget, I am using version

So, I am going to use the Manager General Ledger Transactions, and the Cash Flow Statement (in addition to the other auditor required reports). But, just for fun, I played around with the Custom Reports and came up with the following (See attached). The Check Report worked fine except I wanted only checks to show up, and couldn’t figure out how to filter out the other info. Same problem with the Deposit/Receipt Report; would prefer only the Deposits. Also, why are the amounts repeated, with the second one a negative? Is there any way to remove that second entry in the report?

I saved these reports in pdf, converted to doc, and made all those changes. A bit of a pain, but it was interesting. Hopefully, the auditor will be satisfied with the General Ledger report.

Tut suggested using Excel, and I will try working with that as well. I’m not very adept at Excel.

Thank you again!

The double entries occur because Manager is a double entry accounting system: matching debits and credits. To be rid of duplicates you need to add Where… filters to limit which accounts are shown. Or select only debits or credits, depending on purpose.