Need resolution on inventory stocks

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I am having a situation where i have small warehouse with one product A selling in Boxes in warehouse.when i sell this product in shop,it should be sold loose in piecewise concept.
Say Product A has 5 pieces in 1 Box.
Box price:500
Each piece price:100

Say i transfer 1 box of A to shop,means my shop now has 5 pieces.while selling to customer,i sell say 2 pieces do i manage eod of day inventory.
I want to know if i can set up item in manager in such a way that its inventory Qty on hand should show me in Boxwise and piecewise

You can set up different inventory items, one as box and the other as piece. Use production orders to convert a box into pieces.

Or, you can buy the boxes as pieces instead of boxes.

Search the forum on this topic. It has been discussed dozens of times.

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Thank you