Need Manger version for 32-bit Ubuntu

I have been running Manager for several years on a Lenovo T61 laptop running Ubuntu. It’s been fabulous.

But I stupidly tried to update to the Manager to latest edition and deleted the old one.

Where can I download Manager 16 for Ubuntu 32bit?

Manager supports only Ubuntu 64bit. there are no archived versions of the installer.

Well that sucks. Guess I have to go find yet another accounting package and
loose a few years of records. Think
I’m going back to paper this time.

@Ron_Thibault - read this topic. Not sure if its this topic or another topic (search for 32 bit) where @lubos put a link to a working version for 32bit users.

@Ron_Thibault - you can also try using the Cloud or Server Edition, at least temporarily. You will be able to retrieve your .manager file from the Application Data directory and upload it there.

You will not lose your records, and will be able to continue making updates until you find a solution to get your Desktop Edition working. Worst case, you might have to run a VM on your machine that has a different OS, if you can’t get it working natively on 32-bit Ubuntu.