Debian/ubuntu 32 bit no more?

I love manager. I have a 32 bit ubuntu 16.04. It had worked perfectly until the latest versions. I noticed that the available download is for 64 bit only which did’n work on my 32 bit. Isn’t the 32 bit available any more? I have installed manager on windows systems successfully (W10 32 bit 64 bit). I even tried to install the msi file on ubuntu wine but it’s asking IE9. The reason I’m using 32 bit ubuntu is because wine has multiple problems with the 64 bit and it’s working perfectly with the 32 bit. Will the 32 bit debian available soon? I wish have more time to play around with it. Thank you

Manager now includes SQLitePCL.raw library which has a bit convoluted way to include 32-bit support on Linux. The developer of the library seems to be working on a solution so as soon as the proper support is added, Manager will start working on 32-bit Linux again.

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Thank you!

Any progress on the 32 bit support? I have been trying for days to get manager working, but getting close to despair and might have to go to gnucash.

@encup, I’m still waiting for this to be resolved in 3rd-party library which is GitHub - ericsink/SQLitePCL.raw: A Portable Class Library (PCL) for low-level (raw) access to SQLite

It seems like it has been implemented but new version of this library which would contain this implementation hasn’t been released yet. I’ve emailed the author to ask about the next release.

thanks, much appreciated.

Hi Lubos - checking in on the status of this. Do you have any updates?


There was an update from @lubos here on April 29: Linux 32-bit support · Issue #113 · ericsink/SQLitePCL.raw · GitHub

However, since Manager still only offers a download for x64, I assume he hasn’t had a chance to do this yet.