Need help in Custom Report

Hello All,
I’m trying to build custom report like follows.
| Invoice Number | Issued on | Amount in INV | Paid on (Date) | Receipt Amount |

Amount in Inv : In my case it could be US$ OR Can $ OR INR
Paid Amount : I want this amount in base currency i.e. INR

I’m not understanding how to build this report. I’ve tried a lot. Please guide me.
Thank you.


You will not be able to build such a report. Custom reports only return transactions, not status or balances remaining, and no conversions to other currencies.

This report definition displays all the information except that amounts shown are base currency (not able to show non-base currency)

This report format is for Suppliers. For Customers, in the report definition parameters, change all instances of Supplier to Customer and change Accounts payable to Accounts receivable.


Sample output:

Ok Thank you for your feedback. I will try this report.
My main intention is to find out InvoiceNumber-Description-Issue Date-Payment Date
These 4 parameters are needed. Actually, I’m not able to find InvoiceNumber in any category while building report.