Customer Mobile Phone does not show up in Customer List

Hi, I noticed that if a Mobile Phone number is added, it does not show up in the customer list. The normal phone number works fine, but mobile phone stays hidden. Can this be added, since a lot of our customers only have mobile phone.
(Of course we could fill in the mobile phone numbers under phone number, but I suppose this would be a small adjustment in your software) Thanks !

Actually now that custom fields are getting more flexible, I’m planning to convert all these static in-built fields into custom fields. Then you will be able to set yourself which fields should show as columns under Customers tab.


That would be even better :slight_smile: Thanks Lubos !

@lubos, could showing customer mobile number on customer list be made possible and also being able to inject it into our custom template as well.


Use a custom field. Set to show as column and on printed documents.

Seeing this is going to be supported, I didn’t want to create an additional custom field for the mobile number. Then when it is supported I will be left with an unwanted custom field I can’t get rid of. Trying to keep everything as minimal as possible.