"Name" terminology for translations

Following a translation discussion with @lubos I believe that the term “Name” is overused in the program.

It would help translation-wise, to have a different term for each “name”. “Business Name”, “Customer Name”, “Bank Name”, “Employee Name” etc.

In Greek the Company’s name is called “Επωνυμία” but regular names like bank name are called “Όνομα” (Google translate translate both of them to “name”). So there are 2 different words. The word “Επωνυμία” is also used legally. For example: A coffee shop’s name/όνομα will be “Starbucks” (the brand), but it’s “Επωνυμία” is “A.Vlachos & Co General Partnership”.

It would also help to have different variables for all of that inside the program, so extensions and custom themes can target those more accurately.

Manager has never had and “Application Programming Interface”, by which I mean

  • a stable interface which is constant across internal and external program versions
  • Provides a level of abstraction able to support the full range of internal and external programs anticipated
  • Is not just exposed internal program hooks

What you are suggesting is a small step in that direction. It is a good idea but a big task. I wish you the best in your endeavours, good luck.

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I agree from an aesthetic point of view, but disagree from a pragmatic point of view where artificial thesaurus use. i.e. different names with the same meaning is more confusing than helpful.

Unique identifiers at the program interface level are essential. The identifiers would also benefit from a definition of the context in which they are used.

For each identifier, what text string is displayed in each language, to user is more “cosmetic” imo as it can be readily changed for each language.

The business or trade name of Starbucks is Starbucks Corporation and thus almost identical to its brand name Starbucks which is part of their corporate branding that also includes their logo.

Unfortunately, as shown at NAME Synonyms: 138 Synonyms & Antonyms for NAME | Thesaurus.com, there is actually no real synonym that you can use to replace “name” with.

How these fields are going to be called in English is not relevant. They might as well be all Name but in other languages, they do not use generic Name label for everything.

Some countries have special term for Invoice date so Manager already accomodates for that.

Or From to To in English could relate to date range but also could relate to source/destination pair. Other languages have different terms for date range and different terms for source/destination pair.

I’ve put this into ideas because Manager needs to cater to the lowest common denominator so it can be properly translated into any language.

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Ok, I understand now. From @AntonisV post it seemed that the idea was to artificially use synonyms in English for Business Name, Customer Name, etc.

Exactly as Lubos said. For my example in Greek there are 2 different words for Company Name and any other name, as I explained.

In English I guess that the names will have to be replaced with 2 word expressions, like ‘Business Name’, ‘Customer Name’ etc.