Alias Names for Tabs Please

Kindly create an alias for Tabs so that us end users can change the name of the Tab to whatever is more relevant for us - Iike changing Customer tab to Students or Members, but the program can still be coded to use the original names for the database. whatever name that we like and it won’t affect the database which would use the default names that you have setup.


If the names of the tabs offend you hide them by clicking on the hide tab title button in the bottom left corner.

Then when you need assistance and have to refer to the guides you can show them again and the guides will make sense as you will be able to understand which tab you need to go to.

Btw, if you are taking money from your students then they are your customer for that transaction.

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They don’t offend me. I don’t want them hidden. Did you read well?

I’m not against it… why not?

  • Manager users get confused enough already without changing basic user interface features.

  • Documentation describes how to do tasks by naming parts of the program. Changing programs parts names will increase the cost of training users as the standard documentation will be less effective.

  • The names describe the functionality of parts of the program. That functionality can be used to interact with people where the program functions don’t reflect the major part of the human interaction however the accounting relationships recorded in Manager are actually best described by the normal Manager names

  • Greater net benefit to the program would be achieved by putting the resources in adding other features.

Since it’s up to a single user or to the administrator to decide it, I don’t see it as an issue. It’s like renaming the default accounts created by activating some modules.

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I also want to change some name on the tabs. to make it easy to understand especially if there are more users on a business and if the users have less knowledge in accounting terminologies

That would be a great idea.