Document Title change should be reflected everywhere (sales Invoice)

Change the Invoice Date and Invoice number text to match the document title change for the Sales Invoices

The “Invoice date” text should be “Tax Invoice date”

The “Invoice number” text should also be changed to “Tax Invoice Number”

Another example is when the Document title is changed to Bill but the Invoice date text remains as it is instead of changing to "Bill Date"

Actually I think in English language… Invoice Date should be actually Issue Date and Invoice Number as Reference

This would avoid this issue altogether.

The reason why there is even Invoice date and Invoice number is that in some languages (e.g. Dutch), these terms have special names and it unfortunately leaks into English version where English does not have special terms for these concepts.

This is somewhat related to:

Where Greek language has different special terms for customer name or bank name while in English using just generic Name everywhere is perfectly fine.

There are quite a few loose ends when it comes to translations that I need to eventually address. This is one of them.


I look for to that solution.