Multiple Unit system is very important

Multiple unit is very important in inventory, almost all software in the market have multiple units. 90% of my products required multiple units. It not easy to create inventory kit for all items. This inventory kit is not even working in production order.

You need to explain further. What do you mean by “multiple unit?” Units of what? Are you referring to selling items, for example, both individually and in case lots? If so, you need multiple inventory items.

It is not supposed to. Inventory kits are only convenient shortcuts for selling inventory items together that are stocked individually. You cannot put an inventory kit into a production order.

I am buying chemicals in barrel and selling in Ltrs. Using this chemicals to produce another product. One or two items are ok but if inventory items are more it make lot of confusion.

With Manager, you have no choice if you are going to sell chemicals by the barrel. You need two inventory items for each chemical: one in units of barrels and the other in liters. Production orders are the only way to convert the first into the second.

Now, if you do not sell by the barrel, you only need one inventory item for each chemical. For example, if a barrel contains 200 l, send a purchase order to your supplier in barrels. But when you get the supplier’s sales invoice, convert to liters before entering your purchase invoice. Order 1 barrel, but purchase 200 liters. Purchase orders have no financial impact. Print out a bunch of notices explaining the practice and attach the notice to every sales invoice you receive in barrels. For convenience, you can even define the barrels as non-inventory items. Use those on the purchase orders, so a description might say, “Barrel of muriatic acid = 200 liters.” The supplier gets an order in the units he is used to. Manager is not cluttered with duplicate inventory items.