Multiple payments in one transaction

I bought a laptop and paid it. The seller phoned me to say it was out of stock, but they had another, just a little bit more expensive. I made a bank transfer for the difference and received the laptop and an invoice for it. That is, one invoice. This needs to be booked as

                        debit     credit
 bank                                400
 bank                                 10
 IT equipment             410

For all I’ve tried I can’t figure a way to book this properly, other than booking the first payment as an advance payment paid and then booking the laptop purchase in a separate transaction. Like

                        debit     credit
  bank                               400
  adv. paym. paid         400

                        debit     credit
  bank                                10
  adv. paym. paid                    400
  IT equipment            410

That’s ugly and confusing. Is there some way to add bank lines just like we can have multiple lines for counterbookings? If not, this is new feature request.

is your question about Manager accounting software?
if yes, then allocating multiple payments to a single invoice is already possible in Manager.
to understand better, please provide screenshots of your edit screen where you had made payments for the purchase of laptop.

is your question about Manager accounting software?

Well, yes, of course.

allocating multiple payments to a single invoice is already possible in Manager.

I am using version 19.5.4, but I checked the changelog and don’t see that this feature would have been added in a later version.

please provide screenshots of your edit screen

Here it is. The bank account line has no amount and no “add line” option. If I would hit “Create” on this, Manager would book one single payment of 410 euro against the ING account.

How do you allocate two payments to one single purchase invoice?

going by your screenshot you have not allocated the payment to any purchase invoice.

have you entered the purchase invoice for your laptop in the Purchase Invoices tab?
or is it a cash purchase?
you should read and follow the guide linked below if you are using purchase invoices. read the section Payments against purchase invoices.

@zenon, the way you have entered your payment, it is cash (that is, non-credit) purchase as per this Guide: That is a perfectly acceptable way to enter a purchase that you paid at the time. Otherwise, you need to follow instructions in the Guide @sharpdrivetek linked to.

Does your screen shot come from your real records? Or is it from a test company and created only as an illustration? If it is real, I offer the following observations:

  • Having a supplier named Supplier will cause you future problems. You will not be able to distinguish purchases made from one supplier and those made from another. And their purchase invoices will all be mixed in the same subsidiary register.
  • Tax-inclusive payments are fine, but was your 21% tax really included in the purchase price? Or was it added on?

Correct. And if I create a purchase invoice, it does allow me to connect more than one payment to it. Problem solved. Thank you.

(As a side-note: it goes over accounts payable, which logically implies receiving the invoice first and paying it later. In this case the payments preceded and predated the invoice, so strictly speaking the booking should go over advance payments paid, not over accounts payable. Then again, I don’t have to be that pedantic, so the solution works for me.)

It’s just an illustration that I created, but did not save, in a real company. I don’t have any suppliers named “Supplier” and I know how to use the tax inclusive checkbox.

when you paid in advance, you can record the payment to the Accounts payable account of your supplier and not select any invoice.
this payment will be available as a credit and will be automatically applied when you record the purchase invoice thus reducing the balance due.

Read this Guide:

Yes, I guess that’s the best way to go about it. Thank you both.

@zenon as you were paying via bank transfer all you need is “two” New Payment transactions which would match the bank transfers.

1st - Credit bank 400, Debit Computer Expenses 400
2nd - Credit bank 10, Debit Computer Expenses 10

There is no need to process the invoice, as you aren’t paying on credit, paying after purchase.
Or look at it this way the 1st payment is a deposit and the 2nd is the final instalment.