Multiple Level Tracking Codes

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Now i need ask 1 Q. ?
Is we can add a level 2 in Tracks System , ?
Or Is we can make a Tracks Group ?

I mean then we record accounting transaction in constructions companies systems , we must record two level Tracks , For Example
we are purchase Steel from our supplier this is for “School Project” but our management needs to full details for this Project as we need How much cost of the concrete items , electricity items , …etc.
so we need then define Tracks two level at list to do that ?
Level One = “School Project”
Level Two = “Concrete Item In School Project”

New Group = “School project”
Track 1 = Concrete

Haitham Maatouk

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Tracking codes can have only one level. They were originally meant for accounting for different divisions within a business. While they have some usefulness for project accounting, they are not ideal for situations like you describe. Specialized construction management software may be more useful.

Another option would be to use the “Special Accounts” function.

You cannot use special accounts in profit and loss.

Dear @Haitham_Maatouk,

here is my setup:

Balance Sheet:

  1. a project is rapresented by an inventory kit.
  2. if a company has more than one project I separate them visually in the Balance Sheet with Special accounts
  3. each project is composed of different CapEx (concrete, electricity) which are a different inventory items that are aggregated into an inventory kit, ie a project.

Profit and Loss:

  1. I create also a tracking code for each project (with the same name of the inventory kit) in order to divide the profit and loss by project
  2. if you want to divide each CapEx also in the profit and loss you should set up in the inventory item definition a different custom expense account for each one (concrete, electricity).

With this setup you can track every different CapEx for every different Project both in the BS and in P&L (and also in the cash report!).

Tracking code could be enhanced. I have requested for this before in the past.

This means it should be improved to handle the needs of users.
Multi level Tracking codes would be very very useful for financial reporting.

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