Tracking Code


As you change the tracking to Division & its applicable for the Balance sheet “Inventory”,
Before i use the tracking code to calculate the expense (All Expenses) for each project (For Construction Company), there is no inventory items the company have.

Here how i use it before - Example:

We got a project for Construction new flat, the income will be recorded in several invoices per project stage:

Stage 1 (Invoice 1) - 06/2020: after compilation of installation block.
Stage 2 (Invoice 2) - 07/2020: after plastering finish.
Stage 3 (Invoice 3) - 08/2020: after electrician work finish.
Stage 4 (Invoice 4) - 09/2020: after plumbing work finish.
Stage 5 (Invoice 5)- 10/2020: after compilation of project.

and for each stage it will be many purchase invoices which is not inventory, with those invoices i record the expenses belong to which project using the tracking code. So, after we finish the project we go to profit & loss and issue new report for the project and see all the expenses & income plus the Profit or Loss value. it is help us to improve for future.

Anyway, is there otherway now to tracking the expenses to see the final profit or loss on each project?

See the following for P&L for Each project when i use the tracking code:



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You can still do the same thing. For income and expense accounts, only the label on the field has changed.