Multiple items Purchased Sold Individually

Hi I was wondering how people who buy in bulk using PO and then sell individually are doing this

my examples are I buy 4 x Packets os 12 Bandages now i can either sell them as a pk of 12 or break down to single items depending on the need of the client

when I enter in the PO it orders 4 x Pkt 12 = 48 items
I receive goods as 4 x 12

Now i want to sell 2 single bandages

so it would take 1 x 12 pk out of the 4 and then place 2 that are sold and 10 into the individual item code

Search the forum. This has been discussed many, many times.

By using the tab Production Orders - there is a Guide
This way you can convert packets into units.
It does mean that you require two Inventory Items.

Alternatively, you could record the original purchase as units, then you sell 2 or 12 units.

Also, if users can’t provide constructive responses, then quite frankly they shouldn’t respond.

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