Multiple invoicing units/ prices

Hi @lubos
How do i invoice multiple measures eg 2 rooms @USD per person?

i would like it to work in such as way that its 2 x USD… X 15

Use a single compound unit. For example, if your rate is dependent on rooms as well as persons, your compound unit should be Room×Person .

Description Qty Units Price Total
Booking of 2 rooms for 4 persons 8 Room×Person 20 160

You can do the calculations in the unit price field.

This makes sense but i want to have unit qty and price

2 persons per room per night

2 X 20 x 1 = 40

2 persons per room for 2nights

(2 x 20) x 2 = 80

So Units = Person x room x nights
You could add a custom text field and enter this as “2 * 20 *2” in your example then copy and paste this into Managers quantity field (which Manager will evaluate for you)

how do i do this? kindly teach me.

Read the Guides about custom fields and calculations in custom fields.

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