Multiple inventory item units

Hi, Below is our inventory item.
In this our product is purchased based on No. of Sheets, each sheet will be a size of 90*120cm=10800 sqcm. we sell at sqcm also. but we need to have Qty purchased in a row. to look how may physical sheets are in stock. (if possible or you can provide a option in custom field inline)

Inventory Item
Item code 114
Item name 1.14 FL - ACE
Unit Name Sqcm
Track quantity to receive is checked
Track quantity to deliver is checked
Custom income account is checked
IncomeAccount Plate - 1.14 FL- ACE
Custom expense account is checked
Expense account COS - Plate - 1.14 FL - ACE
HasDefaultPurchaseUnitPrice is checked
DefaultPurchaseUnitPrice 0.02685185
HasDefaultTaxCode is checked
DefaultTaxCode VAT 5%

I don’t understand your question. Maybe post a screenshot and indicate on it what you would like i.s.o. writing a list? A screenshot is way easier to understand.

Try Use production orders to manufacture inventory items | Manager best just to test it. Note that the finished item is what you sell. You also need to set up the item you purchased, i.e. sheets of 10800 sqcm. You purchase these sheets from a supplier, then you sell parts of these from the finished product. You will see two items in the inventory tab and can monitor how many you have in inventory from supplier and how many you have in inventory (manufactured items) to sell.

You could also sell partial sheets as inventory kits, without needing to use production orders. The inventory kit would be the smallest fraction of the large sheet that you sell.

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That’s fine I will mange with SQCM unit.

Now I need bring all my inventory to " 0 " (Zero stock) without affecting the running account. I wish to take physical stock and feed as fresh stock in hand and start maintain the purchase and receipt of goods, Invoice and Delivery.

@gils2368, you need to read the three-part Guide on how to manage inventory. Then read the Guide about starting balances for inventory. None of what you have described is the correct approach.